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'The cast are superb and are directed with tangible passion. 'The Card Index' was written in 1960, but the play on show is so startlingly modern, so challenging and so relentlessly hilarious it makes you wonder what writers - and audiences, of course - have been doing in the theatre for the last 40 years.'

Brit-Pol Theatre was founded in 2000 to produce Polish theatre and poetry performances, using the best available English translations.

We use professional actors and technical staff to stage both classic and contemporary works for as wide an audience as possible.

We aim to create exciting, modern interpretations of classic and contemporary work.

We are located in the U.K., in London.

We also work in education: devising and performing workshop and forum theatre performances.

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There is a lot of information about the productions to date, which includes background material on the writers and the translators.

There are also reviews and photographs of the recent productions.

There is information on our sponsors to date and how you can become one.

And there is, of course, the information on the current projects - with any necessary dates, venues and ticket information - in the WHAT'S NEW! page.

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